Client Zone

Client Zone

When logging into your account you can access all your services, domains, tickets and invoices. You can also register a new domain, open a support ticket, see recent news and more.

In the services section you will find your web hosting accounts. Once selecting a hosting account you can see your Disk Usage, Bandwidth Usage and Quick Shortcuts.

Quick Shortcuts

cpanel shortcuts

Under Quick Shortcuts you can login directly to specific cPanel features: Email Accounts, Forwarders, Autoresponders, File Manager, Backup, Subdomains, Addon Domains, Cron Jobs, MySql Databases, phpMyAdmin and Awstats.

Quick Create Email Account

create email account

Enter the alias for the email account and enter a secure password and click create to setup your email account.

You can also view the Billing Overview to see when your next payment is due.

My Domains

All your registered domains will be available in the Domains tab of the client area. For each domain you can edit the name servers, DNS and WhoIs information.

Change the nameservers your domain points to. Update the WHOIS contact information for your domain. Change the registrar lock status for your domain. Renew Your Domain.

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