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17th Jun 2022
cPanel SEO Addon Just Released

The cPanel SEO Addon now available in our store! cPanel SEO was designed to provide immediate value for your website, from an initial site audit through recommendations to improve your search engine results.  You don't have to be an SEO expert to improve your business's Google rankings. cPanel SEO will identify the best keywords for your ...

5th May 2022
WordPress Hosting With Automatic Installation

We've introduced our new WordPress Hosting packages which now feature fully-configured WordPress installations. Simply order WordPress hosting and the rest is automated. Users will be sent an email with their login credentials to jump right into the design and content. All the technical process of installing WordPress correctly is now a thing ...

3rd May 2021
Google PageSpeed Insights - Mobile Website Design

The new Google search engine update requires websites to get a green light score on Google PageSpeed Insights to rank better in search results. There are officially more mobile users than desktop users browsing the web and searching for information. Google now wants mobile experience to be the focus on the way information is delivered. Web page ...

30th Apr 2021
Google Page Experience Update 2021

The Google Page Experience Update 2021 is about to be released and it may impact your website in the popular search engines results. This will be a Google algorithm update which is heavy focused on mobile users and page loading times. in a recent study Google reported that average time spent on web pages by mobile users was between 4-8 seconds. ...

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