When is Payment Due?

Monthly services are billed in advance and payment is due by the 1st of each month to continue services.

With Annual payments for domains and hosting the payment is due before the expiry date of your domain. You will be notified every 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, 7 Days in advance of your domain expiry date.

After a domain expires you will have a 7 days grace period to renew your domain. After the grace period ends the domain will enter the redemption grace phase and will require a penalty fee to renew, transfer or restore the domain.

Please note that should you pay after the suspension of your account, you will need to send through proof of payment to accounts@webdesignhosting.co.za with valid reference information, either:

- First & Last Name
- Company Name
- Invoice Number
- Client ID Number

This will assist us in allocating the payment to your service as soon as possible.

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