Writing Content for your Website

Writing content for your website can be quite daunting for some people as they don’t know where to begin. Most websites fit into a niche market where they be up against competitors in the same industry.

Starting with the basics you should have some sort of idea for what each page title should be, most websites fail in this department and will title their pages as Home, Services, Products, About Us and Contact. While these might be great titles for user navigation it will be almost impossible to rank for any of these terms in the Google search engine because millions of sites use those same titles.

Instead you could use a keyword approach to your titles and use words that people would search in Google when looking for services or products in your specific industry.

Writing Content for your Website

There is a popular phrase which states that Content is King and this is especially true for websites as Google searches the web for information that will be relevant to it’s users.

Your content should be keyword driven but in a natural way without forcing the keyword into the content but instead making it flow with sense. The content should be first and foremost readable to your visitors and relevant to the topic they are searching for.

To get help with finding the perfect keywords for writing content for your website you can use one of the many Keyword Tool websites available.

For example if you were writing content for an IT company instead of having ‘Services’ as your title you can use the keyword tool to search for terms like ‘Computer Services’ and use any related keywords it suggests.

Once you have found a keyword it will be easier to write your website content around it.

If you look at the way this article was written you will notice that the keywords are writing content for your website. The phrase was repeated a few times in the article naturally, used a heading, title and the alt tag on the image.

The meta title and description also feature the keyword which will be used by Google in the search results.


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