What is Responsive Web Design?

What is Responsive Web Design? Over the last few years we’ve see a shift from how people access the internet and how fast mobile technology is evolving. On average mobile traffic visitors make up 70% of a websites traffic, phones and portable devices are more accessible to users especially in South Africa.

What is Responsive Web Design?

A responsive web design let’s you target your mobile traffic making the design view-able and functional across all platforms and devices. Most modern websites and templates are responsive if they were created within the last five years, but there are many outdated websites out there.

New technology for mobile websites in now available, known as Accelerated Mobile Pages.

AMP website

Accelerated Mobile Pages is basically a simplified and stripped down version of your website which is light on graphics and fast loading for mobile devices. Google is now giving preference to websites that have AMP web development. These sites are given priority to Google mobile searches and results.

An AMP website is only visible to users who browse your website on smaller screen resolutions, here is an amp website example of this website created with design builder and templates.

We can create a customised mobile version of your website specifically for your mobile website visitors, it can even look very similar to the desktop version.

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Contact us to make your website responsive, we do everything from a 1 page web design wordpress theme to advanced ecommerce web design.

We are one of the few web design companies in South Africa that offer AMP web development as a solution for Responsive Web Design and getting the best results for mobile SEO traffic in Google search engine.

See or web design portfolio examples for work we have done or contact us for web design quotes.