Website and Social Media Management

Website and Social Media Management plays an important part of business marketing strategy. Most businesses are using the wrong strategy when it comes to marketing on social platforms.

Your goal should be to bring traffic from social networks to your website and convert the traffic into sales.

Website and Social Media Management

Your website content which includes posts, pages, services and products will all be automatically shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Whenever new content is published, website and social media management ensures that your content is consistent and up to date with the current information available on your website.

Before your content is published we make sure your website links display the correct image, heading and text to attract new clients to your website.

Website and Social Media Integration

Auto-posting content, Social Share Buttons, Widgets and feeds are all part of Website and Social Media integration. By integrating your social media profiles on your website you will gain more likes and follows on the various platforms that you have profiles.

Google search engine now ranks websites based on the amount of likes and shares a web page has received as well as the amount of followers a brand has on each social media platform.

Website and Social Media Marketing

The strategy for website and social media marketing should be consistency with at least two updates a week during peak times when people are online on social platforms. You can prepare for this by scheduling your content to be published at these peak times ie: Tuesdays and Thursdays around midday.

Let us manage your website content and social marketing so that you can focus on making your business a success.

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