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amp accelerated mobile pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Using the new AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages technology on your website can boost your results in the popular search engines like Google and Bing. According to many sources Google is giving priority in the mobile search results to websites that are use the AMP technology on their website pages.

The project aims to provide a better web experience for mobile users that browse websites on their Phone. Browsing websites on a mobile offers a few challenges for users ie: slow loading and Unresponsive websites that don’t display well on smaller screen sizes.

domain name email hosting

Domain Name Email Hosting

One of the most important parts of your business is your point of contact with your clients, trading with a free email account like gmail, yahoo, hotmail or telkomsa.net can be bad for business.

The first point being if you have been trading with one of these free email services and you have printed business cards or flyers, you will be stuck with it for awhile even after you convert to a business email. If you have employees that deal with clients on a free email you may lose some of your existing clients if the employee leaves the company with their free email address.

Most business will only do business if they see a real business email address because there are many untraceable email scammers trading on gmail accounts.

Before starting any new business ventures the first thing you should do after thinking of a business name is registering the domain name. No website or web design fee is required to do this only a domain name and a basic hosting account is needed.

affordable web design

Affordable Web Design

Affordable Web Design for your business, our prices start from just R1,499 for a responsive website design. We offer a slick fast loading responsive website template which can be customized to suit your needs including: Featured Slider, Icons, Buttons, Contact Forms, News/Articles, Services, Products or Google SEO. The client must supply: Company Logo, Images and…

Domain Registration Prices

Register a domain name for your website, this is the web address (url) on which your site will do business. Choosing a memorable domain name will make it easier for customers to remember your website. South African websites mostly use the popular .co.za for local trading or a .com for international business. See our Domain…

facebook advertising

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is the best way to market your business on social media, your Facebook ads visible to specific audiences. Marketing campaigns can be setup based on Country, Province, City, Age, Gender, Interests or Language narrowing down your ad reach, relevance and adverting costs. Facebook ads can be set to your advertising budget, ads stop…

SEO Services South Africa

SEO Services South Africa

SEO Services South Africa, get your website content ranking organically in Google search results. Search Engine Optimisation for websites & SEO Packages. Search Engine Optimisation known as SEO for short is the process of improving the content and structure of web pages so that a website can improve it’s ranking in Search Engine results. Keyword…

rank in google south africa

Rank in Google Search Engine

Want to Rank in Google Search Engine at the top in the first page ads? Let us help you with your Google Adwords Campaign to get the best result for your keywords.

We offer our clients assistance to rank in google search results on the front page for whatever search terms they like.

Target specific locations like country wide, provinces or cities in South Africa, ads schedules can be set to days of the week and hours for ads to display which reduces the google adwords cost per click.

Get a full analysis for your website, supply the keywords or let us give you a suggested list along with the suggested bidding prices and monthly search volumes.

Google Adwords Campaign can be setup to suit your monthly budget and control over your daily maximum bidding amounts.

content management website

Content Management

Content management for websites, let us handle your website content and search engine optimisation. Content management includes publishing or editing of your written content and multimedia files for websites. We can create, edit and publish your content so that it is appealing to your customers when they visit your website. Save costs by writing your…