Web Hosting Unlimited Traffic

All our web hosting packages have all been upgraded to Web Hosting Unlimited Traffic, so you longer have to worry about reaching a cap for your website monthly traffic.

When choosing a web hosting package all customers have to think about is the hard drive space they require to host their entire website.

Our basic hosting package starts from just R29 per month and is the ideal solution for hosting most websites that require less than 2GB of hard drive space.

The basic web hosting package also allows up to 75 email addresses which can be used to configure your professional Domain Name Email Hosting and Newsletter Marketing.

Web Hosting Unlimited Traffic

Our customers will now get Web Hosting Unlimited Traffic meaning there are no limits to the monthly bandwidth used. All traffic and transfers between the website, users and the amount of data transferred will no longer be relevant.

You can simply choose a Web Hosting Package to suit the total size of your website contents, see our ridiculously low priced basic hosting package which starts from just R29 per month.

Basic Hostingper monthR9Hosting Space: 500MB Monthly Traffic: Unlimited Email Accounts: 25More Info