Truda Foods Website Design

Truda Foods Website Design is another project we’ve just added to our web design portfolio. A fun creative website to showcase their products, flavours and brands.

Truda is one of the biggest producers of fun snacks, chips, naks and popcorn, and have distribution throughout South Africa.

Brands include: Big Mex, Bigga Naks, Chippa Naks, Eesy Cheesy, Fly B’s, Flyers, Go-Slo’s Naks and Puffs, Maginaks, Mini-Slo’s, Razzel Dazzel, Snak Naks, Spookies, Stanton Biggley popcorn and Stylos.

We have had a blast working with the marketing department to come up with this exciting new re-design of their website.

Truda Foods Website:

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