South African Business Directory

Designed a South African Business Directory recently with advanced functionality and features to help promote local South African businesses. Customized Listing categories that are configured and formatted for event listings, promotions and property listings by location.

Google Mapping API – users can sign-up and map their business location by entering an address or dragging the map marker to their location. There is also geocaching which enables visitors to share their location to find businesses, hotels, restaurants in their city or region.

Social integration – the South African Business Directory website features a data importer which user can simply enter their Facebook business page link to import their business details. The listings are also configured to auto-publish the latest content across several social networks including: Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

Payment manager – the website offers free and paid featured listings, accepting payments using the South African, PayFast Payment Gateway to process funds. Options include monthly and annual billing with an automated invoice and billing system.

Community – users can sign-up and register in a few secounds by logging in with a social network to create an account. Community members have their own profiles and can comment, rate and review the business listings.

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