Small Business Website Solution

small business website solutionWeb Design & Hosting have started a campaign to offer a Small Business Website Solution to help businesses operate in a more professional manner.

We will offer new clients a simple solution to the way they communicate with their customers starting with a professional business email address.

Most people don’t realize that the cost to setup this Domain Name Email Hosting service will only be R207 per year which is pocket change for most clients. This will included a domain name and 12 months of web hosting and all that is required to run their own branded email.

Small Business Website Solutions

We have decided to offer first time website owners a small business website solution which will give them basic web presence instead of having a coming soon text or image.

For a once off fee of only R200 we will create your basic business information page, this is less than the price of your domain name and web hosting for the year.

Think of it as a modern day business card aimed at providing your customers with essential information when searching for your business in Google.

This will include the name of the business, with a logo, background image and write-up (all provided by the client), with the new contact email, phone number, address plus a Google map of your business embedded. This is a very simple one page website which will get your business ranking in Google when customers search for your business or contact details.

Click on the examples below for an idea of what can be achieved with a one page designed splash page:

This is not a web design but rather a basic information page which is better solution to having a coming soon holding page. When Google searches for information online to add to the search results it does not care if you have a flashy website but rather what information is listed and how relevant it is to their users.

This Small Business Website Solution is a great way to test what web presence can do for your business, it will also give you some time to collect more content and ideas for getting a standard five page web design if you decide to upgrade at a later stage.

For even more value, clients that have paid for this simple small business solution will be entitled to a 10% discount on our web design when they upgrade in the future.

Please note this offer is only available to Small Businesses in South Africa.