Rank in Google Search Engine

Want to Rank in Google Search Engine at the top in the first page ads? Let us help you with your Google Adwords Campaign to get the best result for your keywords.

We offer our clients assistance to rank in google search results on the front page for whatever search terms they like.

Target specific locations like country wide, provinces or cities in South Africa, ads schedules can be set to days of the week and hours for ads to display which reduces the google adwords cost per click.

Get a full analysis for your website, supply the keywords or let us give you a suggested list along with the suggested bidding prices and monthly search volumes.

Google Adwords Campaign can be setup to suit your monthly budget and control over your daily maximum bidding amounts.

Rank in Google Search Engine

Statistically more than 46% of google searches are clicking on the top 3 ad results when searching on google. Almost everyone nowadays uses google to find what they want online including products and services.

If there are 30 monthly google searches for a keyword which relates to your business with average cost per click averaging between R3-R30 would that not be great value for a business lead?

Every campaign should have a goal and what you hope to achieve by advertising on Google, do you want more traffic or want to rank first page for specific keywords and search terms.

  • What is your campaign goal?
  • How much do you want to spend on it?

Ideally you would need one campaign for each goal you would like to achieve. For instance if your main business was ‘fencing’ you would want to target your region for all related keywords. It would be best to rather setup another campaign to target ‘gates’ or any other services you offer.

Google Adwords Cost per Click

Want to know the Google Adwords Cost per Click for your keyword? Contact us to setup a campaign, and get your website to Rank in Google Search Engine top three ad positions or sidebar ads.

We’ll need to know a few things first:

Monthly Budget: Maximum monthly limit estimate
Daily Budget: Maximum daily limit estimate
Target Location: South Africa (Country), KwaZulu Natal (Province) or city (Howick)
Ad Schedule: Monday to Friday (Days) 8am – 5pm (Time)
Keywords: search terms to rank for in Google

We will supply a detailed report on the daily forecast of keywords with an estimated amount of clicks, impressions and cost per click range. Plus a report on the keyword average monthly search volume, bidding competition and suggested bid.

You might not know your monthly or daily budget until you receive our report and see if there is value in the keywords you want to target and Rank in Google Search Engine ad placement.

Google Ad Example

Web Design and Hosting
Need a Website for your Business?
Web Design, Hosting, Domain, Email

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