Newsletter Marketing

Newsletter Marketing is known for turning existing customers into repeat customers. Send out regular newsletters via email to notify customers of your latest promotions, events, news or specials.

Having a professional branded newsletter for your business is fairly affordable to setup and doesn’t require much effort if configured to send out your latest website content.

Newsletter Marketing

Web Design & Hosting can design your newsletter and automate it to send out emails at any frequency ie: weekly, monthly or whenever new content is added to your website. This also includes a widget that allows customers to sign-up directly from your website to be included on your mailing list.

The newsletter design cost is charged as a once off fee of only R300 to setup your newsletter design and layout.

We also offer content management for our clients where they can send us their latest promotions and news to be included in their newsletter content and website.

We charge of R150 per article, promotion, product, newsletter or page you send us to publish on your website. This is aimed at companies wanting to send out a monthly newsletter to their subscribers.

Our monthly service includes 4x articles, promotions, products newsletters or pages for only R500. Please note that these newsletter design rates will only apply to websites that have been designed by Web Design & Hosting.

Newsletter Best Practices

The best way to capture subscribers is to have them manually subscribe to your newsletter through your website. The website subscription form ensures that the emails on your mailing list are current and that your newsletter is relevant to those who have subscribed to receive it.

Buying email addresses or importing emails addresses into your subscribers list is considered spamming. Doing this could result in having your domain & email addresses blocked by ISPs and email services.

There are several newsletter programs available some offering free services but they include their advertising if the premium rates are not paid. Having adverts from other companies in your newsletter is not an ideal situation.