Midlands Business Directory

Midlands Business Directory was created to help small businesses in the KZN Midlands get some web presence. The website will be totally free to use with free business listings for the following categories: Accommodation, Attractions, Business, Events, Festivals, Nightlife, Restaurants and Shopping.

Only businesses located in the Midlands KZN Areas will be listed: Drakensberg, Mooi River, Nottingham Road, Lions River, Lidgetton, Dargle, Boston, Balgowan, Kamberg, Hilton, Howick, Merrivale and Rosetta.

The Midlands Business Directory does not offer any premium business listings to ensure that all business get equal amount of exposure. The homepage features a Google Map of the service area with icons for each business category to help users find services and places in these areas.

KZN Midlands Business Directory

The website allows businesses to submit their free business listing:

  • Business Name or Listing Title
  • Write-up (recommended 300 words +)
  • Add Company Logos and Photos
  • Contact Details: Email, Phone, Address
  • Web links to Facebook, Twitter and Website
  • Map their location in Google Maps
  • Embedded YouTube videos

It’s simplistic design makes is easy to navigate for users and features a social network inspired colour scheme with minimal branding as the focus is aimed on the business listings.

Midlands Business Directorymidlandsbusiness.co.za

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