Google Rich Snippets

Ever wandered how to get review stars, customer ratings and local business information to show in the Google searches of your website?

Google Rich Snippets shows useful information in the Google search results, website content requires HTML markup to display the additional information in searches. Websites with structured data and added HTML markup will be highlighted to users in Google which can increase traffic to your site.

Content categories include: Reviews, Articles, Book Reviews, Events, Films, Local Businesses, Products, Restaurants, Software Applications and TV Episodes. Google have released a playlist of YouTube videos which explains the benefits and uses for making your site compatible with Google Rich Snippets.

Google Rich Snippets


  1. Introduction to Rich Snippets
  2. Types of Rich Snippets
  3. Rich Snippets Product Search
  4. Rich Snippets Reviews
  5. Rich Snippets Recipe markup
  6. Rich Snippets Events
  7. Rich Snippets Breadcrumbs
  8. Rich Snippets Apps
  9. Rich Snippets Notifying Google
  10. Rich Snippets Troubleshooting

Google Data Highlighter

If you have an eCommerce website with a shopping cart for products, events or reviews in a structured data format you should consider using the new Google Data Highlighter.

Google Data Highlighter makes it easy to tag items of your website content which will be used as a template to pull data off the rest of your pages in specific categories.

Improve the look of your data in Google search results, potential customers will see additional information when searching for local businesses, products, events or reviews.

Below is a list of additional fields which can be displayed in Google search results for the specific categories:

Local Business: Name, Address, Telephone, Opening Hours, Category, Image, URL, ratings and reviews
: Name, Image, Price. Availability, Product ID, ratings and reviews.
Events: Name, Date, Location, Address, Image and Category.
Restaurants: Name, Address, Telephone, Opening Hours, Cuisine, Image, Reservation & Menu URL, Rating and Reviews.
Articles: Title, Author, Date Published, Image, Category and ratings.
Book Reviews: Title, Image, Author, Date Published, Language, Genre, ISBN and ratings.
Films: Name, Image, Director, Screenplay, Actor, Release Date, Genre, MPAA rating, Duration Official URL, ratings and reviews.
Software Applications: Name, Image, Price, Category, Publisher, Official URL, Download URL, Operating System, Date Published, Software version, ratings and reviews.

See the links below for more information on the subject or contact us to make your website compatible for Google Rich Snippets.

Useful Links: Schema.orgGoogle WebmastersStructured Data Testing Tool