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Microsoft Outlook Email Setup

Follow this Microsoft Outlook Email Setup guide to configure your domain name email to the Microsoft Office Outlook email program. You will need to have a purchased copy of Microsoft Office suite installed with the Microsoft Outlook email application included. If you don’t have Office then try the free Windows Live Mail program for your

Windows Live Mail Setup

Windows Live Mail is one of the better free email software available to Windows users as it supports Domain Name Email Hosting as well as Gmail. User can access multiple email accounts from one platform by configuring them in Windows Live Mail. If you haven’t already got live mail installed you can download it from

Android Email Setup Instructions

If you have a hosted email address which you would like to have setup on your Android mobile or tablet follow these Android Email Setup Instructions. You can add email accounts from your cPanel under the Mail->Email Accounts, enter the Email, Password and Mailbox Quota. Make sure you use a strong password by using the password generator supplied and be sure to write it down somewhere safe. Before you start the android email setup on your device make sure you have the following email details that you have configured or obtained from your hosting provider.

Free Domain Name .CO.ZA

Get a free .co.za domain name with any web host package including our R29 per month basic web hosting plan. Register .co.za domain free when ordering 12 months of web hosting for just R348 per year. This will allow you to have your email at your own domain name and run your business with a professional business email. No website is required for the free domain name offer however we do offer one page web design from only R1149 once off. from only R1149 once off.

Domain Transfer Process, Steps & Cost

The domain transfer process, steps and cost involved in transferring your domain to Web Design & Hosting. We offer .co.za domain transfer free for local domains but the domain transfer cost of a .com domain is R149.99. We've included all the domain transfer steps for most of the major domain and hosting providers in South Africa, it's often not an easy process as most of these companies are slow in response times especially Telkom. The domain registrar registers the domain on behalf of the client the registrant and should honor the transfer request when the client wishes to move to another...

Windows Live Mail Signature

How to create a Windows Live Mail Signature and make your domain name email look more professional and branded for your clients in email communications. Firstly you will need to have Windows Live Mail Setup and your email address configured before proceeding. You can add a basic text, html code for hyperlinks, fonts and styling,

WooCommerce Tutorial Shop Manager User Guide

If you have an online store website using the WooCommerce system you may find this quick guide to adding products useful. Adding a simple product to your WooCommerce store, you will need the login details of the Shop Manager account. WooCommerce Tutorial Shop Manager User Guide