Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is the best way to market your business on social media, your Facebook ads visible to specific audiences. Marketing campaigns can be setup based on Country, Province, City, Age, Gender, Interests or Language narrowing down your ad reach, relevance and adverting costs.

Facebook ads can be set to your advertising budget, ads stop displaying as soon as your daily budget limit is reached, preventing overspending on advertising. Ad delivery can be set to send clicks through to your website on a pay per click bidding amount, impressions on your ad or by daily reach limit.

You can also limit your ads to people who like your page or the friends of people who like your page. Ads can be scheduled to a starting and ending date and also set to display during certain hours.

Facebook Advertising

The Facebook Ads Manager let’s you create a business advert or boost an important Facebook status post, target an audience of real people on Facebook.

With over 1.4 billion Facebook users on the social platform and 900 million active daily users. It’s a great platform for businesses to market their products and services.

Use your Facebook Advert to link to your website, online store or get more likes on your business page.

The minimum daily budget for a campaign is just R10, this amount can be set so that ads will never exceed the daily amount and budget.

Facebook Advert

Your business ad will be displayed in the Home page news feeds of the target audience and region set in your ad campaign.

Facebook Adverts have various options for customising your ad, see the example Facebook Advert above.

  • Facebook Ads feature a short text description followed by a Photo, Image or Video.
  • Selection of relevant free stock images supplied by shutterstock.com.
  • A catchy headline under the image with a long description below the heading.
  • A choice of preset call to action buttons to encourage users to click through to website or page from the ad link.
  • The Call to Action buttons are: Apply Now, Book Now, Contact Us, Download, Learn More, Shop Now, Sign Up and Watch More.

facebook ads

Facebook Ads



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