Why You Need a Business Website

When a client phones me asking for a business website quote I normally ask them why they need a website. Normally my reply confuses them at first but they usually respond with something like:

  1. I was told it was important to have a website for my business by a friend or colleague.
  2. I need to build brand awareness for my start-up business.
  3. I’m just looking for quotes to find the cheapest website for my business.

Most of the clients will fall into one or more of these categories, then I ask them “What do you hope to achieve by building a website for your business?”

The common outcome of this question is normally: to generate more business leads online, increasing the amount of customers and hence profits for the business.

I then normally explain to them that if they are looking to build a website using the cheapest quote they can find they are guaranteed to be wasting their time and money.

It’s all very well building a simple five page website on limited budget and time but the results are not going to be what they expected in the outcome of the 2nd question i asked them.

Business Website -> Generate Leads -> Increase Profit

Building a website will not magically turn your business to a viral sensation overnight, especially if you plan on doing it on a budget of less than R2000.

A website should be constantly expanding adding new articles, products or pages and providing the latest information about the business to clients searching online. Think of every new page as a lotto ticket if you only have five pages you are narrowing your chances of getting a winning result. The more web pages you have the more links you will have indexed in Search Engines.

There are over 3 billion Internet Users in the World browsing daily on their PC, laptop or mobile devices.

In 2016 it is estimated that there over 26 million Internet Users in South Africa making up about 50% of the total population of SA. Believe me there are no shortages of leads online, if anything there should be more leads as active internet users have increase by 14% in just one year.

A responsive website will make your business information available to mobile phone users which makes up a huge percentage of internet users.

Considering that most active internet users spend at least 3 hours a day on social media, it is highly advised that you have an active FaceBook Business page and possibly use FaceBook Advertising.

Google is another great medium for getting traffic to your website, having a business website with pages that have been search engine optimized will increases your ranking in the popular Search engines like Google and Bing. Creating a Google Ad campaign will get you Ranking in top position Google Search Engine for keywords related to your business.

Once web traffic hits your website it should be designed in such a way that the user is converted into a new business lead. Building a database of client emails through newsletter marketing is one of the best methods  to get customers returning to your website.

Figuring out and strategically planning what you hope to achieve by having a website for your business is the real answer to Why You Need a Business Website.


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