Accelerated Mobile Pages

Using the new AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages technology on your website can boost your results in the popular search engines like Google and Bing. According to many sources Google is giving priority in the mobile search results to websites that are use the AMP technology on their website pages.

The project aims to provide a better web experience for mobile users that browse websites on their Phone. Browsing websites on a mobile offers a few challenges for users ie: slow loading and Unresponsive websites that don’t display well on smaller screen sizes.

With accelerated mobile pages mobile visitors will see another version of your website with all the heavy images and coding removed for better loading times. View this site as an AMP website example on your mobile device.

You need a fast, functioning mobile version of your website to accommodate the large portion of your website visitors that browse your website on mobile.

  • 75% of mobile sites take more than 10 secounds to load the web page on a 3G connection.
  • 53% of mobile site visitors leave the web page after waiting more than 3 secounds for the page to load.
  • 2x more mobile ad revenue for websites that load within 5 secounds.

AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is an open-source project that aims to create a better web experience for mobile users that browse and search the internet on mobile devices like cellphones and tablets. The technology integrates with popular platforms like: Google, Bing, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

AMP SEO Features

  • Higher Performance faster load time on mobile devices.
  • Better User Engagement, responsive and mobile friendly.
  • Branded Mobile version of Website.
  • Better page ranking results in mobile search results.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Project

Watch the video below for some more information on how accelerated mobile pages SEO can help your website get better results for mobile users.

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