5 Ways Twitter Helps Businesses

On the micro-blogging website Twitter your tweets are pretty much the only way for you to impress your followers on Twitter.

The biggest limitation of Twitter is that you can only use less than 140 characters per tweet to get your message to make an impression. Each tweet must be carefully written to encourage people to re-tweet (share) your message, so you’ll need a catchy headline to draw them in.

Getting your Tweet shared will help increase the traffic to your website, so here are 5 Ways Twitter Helps Businesses succeed online.

1. Tweet About Twitter

At least 40% of all re-tweeted links on the popular social media site are about Twitter. It may seem vain but people who retweet really love the service that twitter provides.

It’s one of the biggest social networks, it may not be as big as Facebook but it is certainly a a huge favourite with mobile users.

Twitter Tip #1: To improve your chance of going viral on Twitter, write & Tweet about Twitter.

2. Use Other Social Media

Make sure that you include share buttons to other social networks on the articles, posts and pages you write on your website, these include: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Pinterest, Digg & Delicious.

This will give your traffic the option to share the information on your website with their friends and followers if they find it useful.

Twitter Tip #2: Use more than one social media network to promote your business, not just Twitter or Facebook.

3. Use Catchy Titles & Headlines

An attractive headline normally encourages Tweeters to click the link and find out more about the topic on your website. This is a proven formula which successful marketers use to drive traffic to their websites.

A short catchy title works wonders on Twitter since you are limited to only 140 characters on a tweet, marketers use specific templates that are known to work for example:

  1. How to (insert word/words) on Twitter
  2. (3, 5, 7, or 10) Ways Twitter Helps (insert word/words)
  3. Little Known Ways to (insert word/words) on Twitter

Simply insert your word/words into the template to use as a title or headline to encourage more traffic.

Twitter Tip #3: Learn to use attractive titles and headlines for greater success.

4. Asking for Re-tweets

You should never be ashamed to ask your followers and friends for help in re-tweeting your Tweets and website articles. You could even include it in your tweet for instance (Plz Re-tweet) most people would be more than happy to share your information if it is useful.

Twitter Tip 4: Because Twitter is a community website, asking other to share your links and tweets is OK.

5. Content is King

We’ve written an article before about Writing Content for your Website, it is true content is king. People love articles that are unique and capture their attention all the way to the end and they will most likely share it after reading.

The links to your articles that you share on Twitter should be relevant to the headline that made them click your link in the first place, don’t be deceiving or it will increase your bounce rate.

The most common and popular articles are ones that help people learn new things like in-depth guides on how to do certain things, the ‘How To’.

Unique breaking news stories are also a popular favourite and gives your website authority and more traffic to your website. Articles which are opinion-based can work well with interactions as everybody has an opinion and it can encourage positive or negative comments on the article.


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